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Our mission is to create profitable and sustainable agri-businesses, end poverty and hunger and increase the standard of living of farmers on our network

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Agrobint is an AgriTech startup

Agrobint is an AgriTech company. We provide services to the entire agricultural sector that bring consistency, profitability and sustainability to agri-businesses. We have a database of experienced manpower, veterinary doctors who in turn provide farm support to farmers. We empower small and medium farmers with Training, Funding, Processing and packaging of farm output, sales and marketing, share knowledge and resources. We operate on vast knowledge on the four key Nigeria Agricultural sector which comprises of crop production, livestock, fisheries and forestry. We provide small and medium farmers with profitable and sustainable agri-business template and Modern farming techniques. At Agrobint, we believe that any investment in the agribusiness sector should create value, improve livelihoods, develop local economy via the provision of service by a local operation. We bridge the gap between key players in the food supply chain, assembling of raw materials, production processing (Branding and packaging) Storage, Distribution of farm output, resources and export route to the international market.


Our vision is to create an Agric ecosystem that is self-sustainable by using technology to drive agribusiness and investment, Agric finance and insurance, to educate and empower smallholder farmers for an increase in domestic food production and security and generate high ROI for our investors through profitable Agric ventures.

Our core values

Efficiency in operation, sustainability in agricultural needs and productivity of quality and quantity of yield with a reduced cost of operation.

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